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Company offers services referring generation of personnel payment and motivation system.

    Generation of personnel payment system and effective motivation policy
  • Generation of monetary and nonmonetary motivation gearings.
  • Working of company social policy: privileges, bonuses, compensations.
  • Evaluation of company motivation and compensation system
    Article "Barometer of personnel motivation"

    Generation of guidelining documents, considering human recourses mamagement
  • Statute of labour payment (example WORD-zip)
  • Statute of business trips
    Get pattern (zip-архив, 143 Kb)
  • Code of company behavior (Example)
  • Statute of personnel validating estimation (Example)
  • Rules of inner labour routine (Example)

    Realised projects:
  • Generating and inculculation of payment system upon large food industry
  • Evaluation of payment and motivation system into trade-industrial company, using technology "Barometer of personnel motivation"
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