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Исследования рынка заработных плат
Company ANT-Management has been conducting regular salary surveys since 2002. Participants of our surveys are the major Russian companies, located in Saint-Petersburg.

In December, 2008 came out new fascile of Analytical salary survey, including information over compensation policy for the four months of the year 2008. Data renewal occurs quarterly, information is renovated monthly – by data over 3-5 companies compensation policy’ entry.

Using of salary surveys renders top-managers opportunity to fix personnel budget on a basis of full and valid data, considering market situation.


Full data renewal - annually, update in conformity with market tendency – once in a half year. You can also place an order for quarterly data renewal.


Salary survey contains data over typical positions of Saint-Petersburg companies, including 56 businesses.
  • Capital origin of companies, taking part in survey:
    • 83% - Russian capital
    • 7% - mixed (Russian-foreign) capital
    • 10% - foreign capital
  • General informaion of participants Sample



Stage 1. Data source
Bringing members in research is accomplished on the basis of confidential consent. Company - member of survey renders rolls of personnel’ factual payments. Company ANT-Management provides conditions of full anonymity for survey members by generalizing information over personnel’ payments into one data array.

Stage 2. Data gaining
Data gaining for salary survey is executed in accordance with established procedure:

  1. Data over personnel’ payments is put down into special form. Detachment of typical positions is executed on the grounds of personnel’ job descriptions.
  2. Interview with competent officials over company’ compensation policy (1-4 hours). Among competent officials there are company’ owners and top-managers.
Stage 3. Data processing
Data processing is carried out on the basis of statistical explorer SPSS. Analysis results into frequency tables, depicting main statistical indices. These indices consider compensational policy over typical positions of Russian companies - salary and benefits.


Within the limits of analytical survey company ANT-Management renders several branch reports. In every report you may find information over labor compensation of deifferent specialists. These reports are intended for the managers, interested in obtaining information considering labor market as a whole, as well as getting detailed information over salaries of specialists in this or that sphere of activity.

Salary survey in Saint-Petersburg retail. December 2008

Wholesale personnel. Analytical Salary Survey of Russian-owned companies, operating in Saint Petersburg. December 2008

Retail Personnel. Analytical Salary Survey of Russian-owned companies, operating in Saint Petersburg. December 2008

Purchasing and Logistics personnel. Analytical Salary Survey of Russian-owned companies, operating in Saint Petersburg. December 2008

Basic report. Analytical Salary Survey of Russian-owned companies, operating in Saint Petersburg. December 2008


You may also obtain information, depending on different factors, affecting to compensation policy.
Factors, used at data analysis (open in new window)


Information over 320 bonus schemes was obtained during salary survey
Bonus schemes survey (open in new window)


Analytical survey contains detailed glossary (description of terms and characteristics, used in survey).


Survey cost depends on ordered information’ volume, as well as participation of your company in our survey.
Cost of Salary Survey "Labor compensation in Russian companies" (open in new window)


If you are interested in purchasing new volume of our survey, you may ask any question to the manager of project "Labor compensation in Russian companies" on our web-site or by office phones, as well as via order form filling.
Contact phone: 740 18 11, E-mail: zarplata@ant-management.spb.ru.
Project manager - Sergei Nikolenko

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