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Realized projects
Realized projects, 2004 - 2007:

  1. Executive search projects
    • General director of large-scaled medical equipment company
    • General director of refueling network (North-West region)
    • Retail network general director (North-West Region)
    • Retail operations director (large-scaled retail network)
    • Assets manager (financial corporation)
    • Sales dealer (financial company)
    • Development director in large-scaled retail network
    • Financial director of large-scaled industrial holding
    • Logistics director in retail network
    • Project of forming sales depart (Regional Sales Manager, Key Account manager, Sales manager) in industrial company
    • Marketing director in retail network
    • Construction manager, large-scaled retail network
    • Construction manager of logistics terminal
    • Construction director
    • Head of industrial department in building company
    • Human Resources director in large-scaled retail network
    • Manager of trade-entertaining centre
    • Production manager in woodworking company
    • Marketing director in food production company
    • Marketing manager in holding, controlling building and real estate management
    • Brand-manager (food production)
    • Product-manager (food retail network)
    • Development director of retail network (trade-production holding)
    • Head of juridical office (trade-production holding)
    • Regional sales director
    • Sales director (juice production)
    • Logistics director (trade company)
    • Head of agreement department (large retail network)
    • Head of exploitation department (retail network)
    • Head of transport logistics department
    • Product manager in large-scaled developing retail network
  2. Management selection projects
    • Supermarket manager
    • Technical consultant over engineering systems (water-supply, heating, sewerage systems)
    • Regional sales manager
    • Project manager (production and assembling of aluminium constructions)
    • Engineer (projecting of technical systems, large industrial company)
    • Production director (dried milk mixture)
    • Recruiting project in start-up tubing production
    • Recruiting project (medical clinic)
    • Recruiting project (large-scaled retail network)
    • Recruiting project (start-up metal-plastic windows production)
  3. Business-projects and marketing research:
    • Working out businnes-plan "Efficacy and expediency of franchise tour-operator company creating"
    • Business project "Efficacy of investing project^ mining and stone-working company in Saint-Petersburg"
    • Marketing survey "Granite and marble market in Saint-Petersburg”
    • Business project "Expediency of multibrand sport shoes’ supermarket opening"
    • Marketing survey "Client’s behavior: sport shoes’ market"
    • Business project: “Creating of medical clinic”
    • Business-project of searching potential customer for the network of public nutrition”
    • Overview of public nutrition market in Russian Federation (restaurants, fast-food, cafe)
  4. Consulting projects
    • Development and implementation salary system in large-scaled food-producting company
    • Estimation of personnel satisfaction level by the strategy “Barometer of personnel motivation”
    • Forming salary and compensation system for the service centre personnel
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